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One Shot Column: Sousuke & Kaname's School Life!?


Time Kaname Sousuke
0700: Getting out of Bed Kaname has low blood pressure so she's half-asleep until she takes a shower. Wakes up by sound (assuming it means he's easily woken up by noise before his alarm goes off).
0730: Breakfast Today's menu is mushroom flavor miso soup and roasted vegetables. A Japanese-style meal isn't unsual for her. Slice of ham, a tomato, and mineral water. This is extravagant compared to the battlefield usual.
0800: Going to School K S
0845: Morning Classes K S
1230: Lunch K S
1330: Afternoon Classes K S
1500: K S
1900: Dinner K S
2100/2200 2200: "Relax Time" 2100: Usual Report
2400: Going to Bed K S