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Full Metal Panic! Guidebooks

Dragon Magazine Encyclopedias

Full Metal Panic! Encyclopedia: The first of Dragon Magazine's guides to the novels, it covers Fighting Boy Meets Girl, Running One Night Stand, Trembling Into The Blue, and the side stories in The Lone Wolf I Can't Leave Alone?, Can't Be Serious At Two Outs, Bases Loaded?, and The Unbelievable Triple Crown Winner?.

Super Guide: [WIP, but here's a link to a bonus page from that guide: a day in Sousuke & Kaname's usual school life!]

Super Guide 2007: [WIP... I'm sad there isn't a guide that covers the end of the series!]

Anime Guides

This guide was available in the US, published by ADV in the early 00's anime boom. It includes information about the characters, setting, and plot of season one featuring commentary from Gatoh on each episode and creator interviews. There's also an in-universe AS magazine in the back that has articles on the ASes and other weaponry featured in the series.