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Arm Slaves/ASes

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Arm Slaves/AS

AS. A.S 1 (ABBR.) Anglo-Saxon.
AS. A.S 2 (ABBR.) [Military] Arm Slave.

Arm Slave [Military]
(From Armored Mobile Master-Slave System)
Mechanized Assault Trooper, AS.
--Kenyusha's New English-Japanese Dictionary, Fifth Edition

Arm Slave, usually 26' or more in height, an armed and armored attack weapon patterned after the human body. Developed during the late 1980's. Mechanized assault tropped. AS.
--Iwanami Shoten Koujien, Fourth Edition

(From the opening of Fighting Boy Meets Girl, Tokyopop English Edition)


Born in the mid-1980's, strongly supported by US President Ronald Reagan as a robot force to go along with the Star Wars strategic defense project. After just three tears, Arm Slaves, originally thought to be a pipe dream, became a reality. Able to run at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour equipped with numerous weapons, they match tanks in terms of strength and are far more mobile. Within the first ten years of their development, several countries developed their own models, greatly increasing the capabilities of each generation.

Models used by Mithril

Notable Models in order of appearance:

M9 Gernsback: this new model is used by members of Mithril, an upgrade from the M6 Bushnell. As one of the most advanced ASes available, it has technology previously unseen in other models. One is a "smart filter" which can pick up potentially dangerous phrases from conversations nearby and alert the pilot. Another is the ECS, which allows the AS to become invisible to the human eye, although the scent of ozone can still tip others off about its presence, and both dogs and birds have been shown to detect AS presence regardless of ECS use.

ARX-7 Arbalest: based off a prototype M9, the Arbalest is a unique AS with capabilities far surpassing mass-produced models. As the AI matches up with the operator's neural wavelength, it can only be piloted by one person (in this case, Sousuke). It is equipped with a lambda driver, a powerful yet temperamental weapon system that can manifest the user's will into reality.

ARX-8 Laevatin:

Models used by Amalgam & other enemies

RK-92 Savage:

Plan 1056 Codarl:


Zy-98 Shadow:

Plan 1058 Codarl-i:

Plan 1059 Codarl-m:

Other models

RK-91 Savage:

ARX-6 Halberd: