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"Jinda High School's hottest girl you wouldn't want to date."

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Name/Aliases 千鳥 かなめ Chidori Kaname, Kana-chan
Date of Birth/Age December 24th, the birthday of all Whispered (1984 in the novels); she is 16 at the start of the series
Blood Type B
Ethnicity Japanese
Height & Weight 166 cm/50 kg
Hair & Eyes Novel: hair is black - Anime: Blue hair, brown eyes
Other notable physical traits Wears a red ribbon in her hair. According to Sousuke, she has the ideal physique (which from a tactical perspecive, probably just means she's well-proportioned and in good physical health, haha...)
Seiyuu/Voice Actor Yukino Satsuki [JP], Luci Christian [ENG]




Junior High School:

High School:




Occupation, Skills, & Specialties

Kaname is a second year student (11th grade) at Jindai High School at the beginniner of the story. She is class 2-4's representative and the Vice President of the Student Council. She is occasionally seen working a part time job at a family restaurant.

She is athletic, sometimes substituting as a member of the softball team when they need an extra. Over the series, she is shown to have high amounts of physical strength and stamina (both in comedic and serious moments). She's also skilled at housework, like cooking and cleaning, because she lives alone.

Despite her short-temper and her tendency to bluntly speak her mind, she is charismatic and good at getting along with and inspiring others (one again, in both comedic and serious moments). She's able to befriend people almost everywhere she goes, which makes her popular with her classmates and even among the ranks of Mithril.


Her most well-known item is the harisen, a large Japanese folding fan used in manzai comedy acts; these are two-person stand up acts where the straight man (tsukkomi) often ends up smacking the funny man (boke) with the harisen due to their ridiculous comments or assumptions. As Kaname and Sousuke's relationship is heavily based on manzai, Sousuke is usually on the recieving end of Kaname's harisen attacks. Like Sousuke with his multitude of weapons, Kaname is able to pull the harisen out of hammerspace when needed, although she never uses it in serious moments.

Role & Relationships

Family: Her father, Chidori Shunya, works for the United Nations as the Environmental Commissioner. Her younger sister, Chidori Ayame, lives with her father in New York. Roughly four years prior to the story, her mother, Chidori Shizu, passed away from cancer. Kaname remained in Japan while her father and sister moved back to the United States. Although her mother's family lives nearby in Japan, they have a strained relationship and she doesn't see them often. Her maternal grandfather appears in one of the short stories. Kaname is close to her younger sister, who she calls frequently throughout the week.