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"The Captain of the Submarine."

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Name/Aliases Teletha Testarossa (mistranslation of Teresa Testarossa), Tessa, Captain, Colonel, Ansuz
Date of Birth/Age December 24th, the birthday of all the Whispered (1982 in the novels, 1984 in the anime)
Blood Type A
Ethnicity Caucasian American (with Swiss & Italian heritage)
Height & Weight Metric & Imperial!
Hair & Eyes Novel: Ash blonde, gray eyes - Anime: silver/white hair, gray eyes
Other notable physical traits .
Seiyuu/Voice Actor Yukana [JP], Hilary Haag [ENG]




Teen Years:

With Mithril:




Occupation, Skills, & Specialties

Tessa is the Captain and creator of the Tuatha de Danaan nuclear submarine, as well as it's AI, Dana. Tessa is shown to have advanced knowledge of submarine construction and impressive tactical and strategizing capabilities. As a Whispered, she excels in math and science. She knows multiple languages and is fluent in Japanese, possibly from her time spent in Okinawa as a child.



Role & Relationships

Family: the most notable of Tessa's family members is her older twin brother, Leonard Testarossa. Although they were close in childhood, a certain event led to them becoming estranged to the point that during the first few novels, Tessa does not even know where her brother is. Later, when they meet again, Leonard is working for Amalgam, an enemy organization of Mithril, which puts them at odds for the rest of the series.

Tessa's mother and father have both passed away before the series begins, although Mardukas serves as a sort of father figure to her.