Full Metal Panic! Fansite ca. 2022

"I'm not an amateur; I'm a specialist!"

...which isn’t difficult to be when it comes to 90’s/00’s anime these days, but I’m proud of how much information I’ve been able to gather about Gatoh Shouji’s light novel series, Full Metal Panic!

Remember the good ol’ days of the 00’s anime boom where Newtype magazine gave out free first episodes of anime on a DVD every month and ADV did half of the dubs? When bittorrent was all the rage and everyone was on forums and had an anime character banner in their signature? If you’re a millennial like me, then you probably watched at least a handful of episodes of Full Metal Panic! The 20th anniversary has passed but hyperfixations never die, am I right?

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Here's my fan Tumblr for both Full Metal Panic AND Fullmetal Alchemist: FullMetal Generation.

Update Log

[08/15/2022] Good Smile still has not answered my prayers for more Full Metal Panic nendoroids. But I can dream... I'm starting my real job again at the end of the month which will put me in front of the computer more often. Expect more real content updates then! (Also my Fumoffu bluray boxset is suppposed to be here today, I ordered it like two weeks ago, I must have missed that it was coming from a third party seller... soon my anime collection will be complete!)

[25/07/2022] Working on both my neocities has fallen by the wayside but I got ~*the final volume*~ of J-novel's FMP Collector's Edition for my birthday last week! ASes have been on the covers so far, but to my surprise, instead of Laevatin they chose Sousuke. Fine by me! I'm looking forward to reading the short stories now that they're starting to license them. I wonder if they'll release physical versions or if we'll have to go ebook? Well, either way I'll be happy to read them myself. And I'll be able to write my own summaries for the whole series, having read them myself... kind of a silly goal, but not too hard to actually achieve. Ah, and I'm broke right now but Shikidouji's 9th "Draft" sketchbook was just released as well; from what I've seen there's less FMP content after 5, but 9 has Sousuke on the cover, so 6-9 are on my shopping list for the near future. It'd be really nice if they just released an artbook with only her work from FMP, but for the whole series. I'd buy it.

[07/07/2022] It's 07/07 in the States which means it's almost over in Japan, but it's still Sousuke's (alleged) birthday! Happy Birthday, my previous son ;~; In the spirit of things I am touching up his character page. Might upload some more memes if I get the chance. Update some novel summaries (well, I did a couple but it's mostly short stories). Continue re-watching Invisible Victory & suffering.

[03/07/2022] HELLO, yes, work has been awful, I like in the US so THAT'S been awful but 07/07, Tanabata and one of my fav days of the year in general, also recognizable to FMP fans as Sousuke's alleged birthday, is coming up SO. Maybe I will just fill out Sousuke's character bio as much as humanly possible and upload some more pics. Absolutely crucial to recognize your favorite characters' birthdays. (Also, did anyone else hear? J-Novel Club is releasing the FMP short story collections in English! Not sure if they'll make physical copies like they did with the actual main story novels, but they should at least be ebooks. Finally, I can read all of them! I'm so excited!

Still waiting on Good Smile to announce Sousuke & Kaname Nendoroids tho...


Old Updates

[12/06/2022] ... okay hear me out I was going to work on light novel summaries. I will work on light novel summaries. I just got carried away with work, reading about Fantasia Rebuild, and lamenting that Fantasia Rebuild shut down and would never have been popular enough to get a US release anyway. The designs for the FMP characters in it were so cute, though! I guess "only contains characters from certain light novel series" is a hard sell for a mobile game, huh... (as I made a page for video game information, I also remembered Full Metal Panic appeared in a few other gacha games, specifically Puzzle and Dragon if I remember correctly... the only good series crossover I managed to be around for in that game was Jujutsu Kaisen, though).

Oh, two people aside from me voted in the poll?! Okay, light novel summaries and "main three" character bios it is! (So I specified the "main three" as in "Sousuke, Kaname, and Tessa" because not only are they the three with the most available information easily obtained from multiple canon sources, I know in my heart there are a handful of people who are sitting there waiting for me to update the other character info sections specifically for Gauron information. I'm sorry you guys, I don't have much more than anyone else who's read the novels. The Dragon Magazine Super Guides literally list all his information as "unknown." Whoever put his birthday on the FMP Wiki please talk to me, I desparately want to know where you found that information!!! I got no birthday, no blood type, I had to guess his height looking at screencaps, and I think fanon interpretation of him as Khmer is more popular than the blink-and-you'll-miss-it canon that he's Japanese (featured in... approximately one line of dialogue in the novel version of Into The Blue, said by Gauron himself so, you know, extra unreliable). Gatoh gave me more information about Leonard than Gauron and I'll never forgive him. I have not seen a single person unironically like Leonard, but Gauron apparently scores Top Ten in the Favorite Character poll (Kaname won, Tessa was second, Sousuke was third... okay, Good Smile, where are the Kaname and Sousuke Nendoroids, then?). Well, at least I know there are people even more frustrated than me about the lack of info on this guy. What am I talking about, that's no consolation! (I'll be appeased on everything Full Metal Panic ever if they just give me a Sousuke Nendoroid, though. Just the hair. I have the blank spare parts. He has a rare "hair parted to the left" style so I can't just buy and sand/paint another character's hair. He pilots an AS with Good Smile's logo in the IV anime and this is how they repay him? Unforgivable.)

[01/06/2022]: Translating some content from Dragon Magazine's Super Guides because I've never seen any of it... anywhere. Ever. I will put the links under Media > Guidebooks (link goes under what book it's from). First one is the usual daily schedule of Kaname and Sousuke. I tried to go more in depth on descriptions of the guides, too. I don't have pictures of all of them yet, but I do own them (along with the Fumoffu!? anime guide, and the AS guide is coming in the mail... I'm getting close to completing my desired collection lol). Also I added a poll!

[24/04/2022] In the process of updating the layout! I'm not capable of making it totally mobile-friendly at this time, but I can make it easier to read in general (which might help it out on mobile).

[16/05/2022] I was getting incredibly self-conscious about how long it had been since my last update. People start to think you're dead if you don't update a site, social media, or a fanfic in a long time. I added so much extra little pieces of information on my last update that I sort of... took a break, I guess. I'm not going to look at the previous update because I'm in the coding window and it's a mess but I might have mentioned I'm skimming the novels for worldbuilding details, especially stuff about ASes since I already started a page on that. Character info, too. I was a little hard on the Wiki--it's been helpful. But I also don't think it's been updated since Invisible Victory's run (and why would they when not much new has happened?) Anyways, not dead, just updating random pieces at a time and not finished with any sections yet.
[09/05/2022] Tiny bits of character bios and lore are going up here and there. I have the Dragon Magazine Encyclopedia/Super Guides and they have some really cool bonus information. It's just a matter of translating it piece by piece 8') I know a little Japanese and how to work my way around a kanji dictionary, but it takes a while (I'm proud of how quickly I translated the 4koma comics, though). Some of the things I'm working on in particular, aside from the character bios and filling out general lore (mostly about Black Technology) are the daily schedules--they have Kaname & Sousuke's, as well as an example of what 3 days as an SRT member look like. Annnnd I'm trying to organize Mithril & Amalgam's character bio pages... Mithril is a little easier because they have a more solid structure and the inner workings are explained more in the novels. Amalgam doesn't make a real, actual appearance until Ending Day By Day (Lower) and I think there are still parts of it that are ambiguous. It's fun to suss out the details, though; aside from the guides I've been skimming the novels. You could not believe how many page markers I have stuck in there. It's like I'm studying for an exam lol
[03/05/2022] Finally got the accordion panels working on the anime page, filling in episode lists ^_^ HTML/CSS/Javascript have the WEIRDEST quirks.
Also updated the audio page with soundtrack lists.
[02/04/2022] Adding episode lists. I can NOT get the accordion feature to work, even though it works just fine on the light novel page. I'm sure I'll notice some weird little thing in the code eventually. No coding talk here, though, only episode lists! And hopefully covers of the short story novels. (I may have also updated Kaname, Sousuke, and Tessa's character pages.) BTW if you're reading this and you have any kind of fan content (fic, art, sites, etc etc) you want me to link or post on this site, let me know! I have a guestbook and it is open to submissions/submission suggestions!
[29/04/2022] There is a Timeline page, but haven't started on it. Working on summaries of the novels, finding the 10th side story novel's story list, and deciding where to put collapsible paragraphs. I also want to neaten up the manga & anime pages (make sure I have the right mangaka and studios and all that). Shoutout to everyone who's viewed this site, double time to anyone who's come back, triple for anyone who keeps coming back. If other FMP fans find it fun or useful, I'm happy.
[26/04/2022] Back from a trip! Adding new coding things, but for now the new content is Kurz's playlist. I'm betting Mao's will be next. You might also start to see some images appearing on the media pages (specifically the anime & light novel pages, but some others as well)!
[20/04/2022] It's the anniversary of the first day Sousuke started attending Jindai High School! Technically the time has passed if you're in Japan, but for us in the US, it's still 04/20 (blaze it). I've been updating the light novel page, trying to get it propery organized with all the books labled with their publishing dates and what parts have been animated. I translated the summary of Fighting Boy Meets Girl directly from the Japanese version in the 2007 FMP Super Guide as Japanese practice. It's probably literally on t he back of one of the books, but I didn't peek, so I'm proud. I shouldn't have to cheat and look at the English versions until the last two books!
[19/04/2022] Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first day Sousuke started attending Jindai High School! He just barely missed the beginning of the year since school starts in April in Japan. So close! He didn't get to see the school entrance ceremony (which is probably a good thing). In honor of that, I switched out the layout a bit (hopefully moving towards it being a little mobile-friendly?) and am adding just a few more links and just a bit more information. Not sure exactly what, but now I'm thinking a more organized update log so I can actually show what has been updated might be nice.
[17/04/2022] Ah yes, those ARE two other fanlistings you see right above here. You can now find me linked on the SouKana & Sousuke listings, too! (Considering I named this site after Sousuke, it should come as no surprise that he's my favorite.) My focus is now... layout. CSS. What is going on with that sidebar, man, I thought I had it covered but I sure don't! (I also added links to some folders of scans a person on Tumblr kindly shared, to make up for the lack of images on the page literally titled "Images"!)
[15/04/2022] Added Xia Twins playlist, didn't add the tracklist (which is a minute thing anyways). It's almost the 20th, which is the day Sousuke started school at Jindai (yeah, I know, it's the weed holiday). I would like to either add a substantial amount of info or have some nice coding to spruce up the UI by that day. The former is more likely! I could at least get like... episode titles or novel summaries or something! Or link to some YouTube videos? They got some of the radio dramas up there. And full openings/endings.
[12/04/2022] So not only is there actually a Full Metal Panic fanlisting, I was also able to join it! Hooray! I'm working on... a mix of character pages & novel summaries. Character pages are my favorite. Sousuke, Kaname, and Tessa's are up, but not nearly complete (they have the rough draft of the template I"m using, though). My other thing is coding. You'll notice links look weird. You can either hover over them and they're an unusual size or they're static and they just turn purple when clicked. I'm trying to make that uniform. I'm taking a "simple is best" approach with this site because I'm often on mobile and it would suck if I couldn't even access my own site! Work in progress, work in progress...
[10/04/2022] Linked this site to my Tumblr blog, which means maybe a grand total of 10-ish people saw it! Haha. I also found out there's still a Full Metal Panic fanlisting!? Definitely want to join that. I'm happy to see there are fans all over the world! I found links to a few PDFs of side stories. Well, two. But one is the entire Side Arms 2! I hope after J-novel releases the main series as the Collector's Editions, they'll release the side stories as well... there are so many I want to read that never got animated.
[05/04/2022] As you can see, there is now... a character quiz! I did my best to make it difficult to tell who your result will be. Quizzes with really obvious answers are no fun for me! There are eleven results. So far, Tessa & Mao are tied for the most popular results.
There's also a guestbook. They layout is pretty basic, but you can get to it from a link on this homepage. You can actually go to MOST of the existing pages now, although there's not a lot of content. A couple of my memes are in fancontent.
[04/04/2022]Added a bunch of currently empty pages, you have to at least admire my dedication! Need to fix that list coding... and upload all my memes. Adding a wiki-worthy amount of information is going to take quite some time. In the meantime, I'll knock out a few simpler tasks, like finishing the menus, links to other sites/sources, my (very excellent) fan-playlists, and making proper page sections.
Pages that are "working" (but don't have much content): all the main links work, but you're gonna end up at an "Under Construction" page for some; light novels, anime, and manga have their own pages; all the worldbuilding pages are up, but mostly blank; we have a few working links!

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