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Full Metal Panic! [Light Novels]

List of Novels (Main Story)

There are twelve volumes in the main novel series, written by Gatoh Shouji, illustrated by Shikidouji. Full Metal Panic ran in Gekkan Dragon Magazine, a monthly magazine for light novels, starting September 1998. The original English releases of books 1-5 were translated and published by Tokyopop. The current English release is from J-Novel Club; they're available individually as ebooks or as the hardcover 3-in-1 Collector's Editions. The final Collector's Edition, containing books 10-12, will be released Summer 2022.

Book One, originally released December 1998. The original English release by Tokyopop was September 2007.
Summary: "A boy comes from the battlefield to protect a girl holding a secret from villainous terrotists. But because of his tragic background, his battle-crazy tendencies are totally out of place in a peaceful high school setting! What cruel fate awaits these two?" [Translated directly from "Super Guide Full Metal Panic! 2007"]
Season One, episodes 1-7 of the anime -- It was later adapted into the "Fighting Boy Meets Girl Director's Cut" movie.

Book Two, originally released March 1999. The original English release by Tokyopop was January 2008.
Summary: (by Memento) Mithril attempts to track down a terrorist organization known as A21, which somehow leads Tessa to Sousuke's apartment with A21's young AS pilot Takuma. Due to several misunderstandings, Kaname gets unwillingly wrapped up in the situation. It comes down to Sousuke, Kaname, Tessa, and Kurz to take down an AS so massive it shouldn't even exist before it destroys Tokyo!
Season one, episodes 10-13 of the anime -- It was later adapted into the "Running One Night Stand Director's Cut" movie.

Book Three, originally released February 2000. The original English release by Tokyopop was June 2008.
Summary: (temporarily by Memento once again) Sousuke invites Kaname on a short trip at the beginning of summer vacation, only for the two of them to be dragged onto the Danaan because of an incident on a nearby island. After celebrating de Danaan's birthday, Sousuke and the rest of the SRT are sent to liberate the island from terrorists only to find Gauron working alongside them! Despite losing the fight and being taken aboard the Danaan as prisoner, Gauron seems totally relaxed, putting Tessa and the crew on edge. An argument between Kaname and Sousuke causes them to separate right before disaster strikes.

Book Four, originally released November 2000. The original English release by Tokyopop was February 2011 (it was published as a single volume with Ending Day By Day: Lower). It was adapted into Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid episodes 1-7 (although the first few episodes are anime-only added material).
Summary: Sousuke's balancing act between acting as an on-call mercenary for Mithril and a student by day is starting to take a toll on him and he's the only one that can't see it. Mao encourages him to take a serious look at his future, but despite enjoying his life as a student, he still doesn't feel like he's acclimated. Right as he and Kaname get closer, his mission to protect her is ended and he's called back to the base, never to contact Kaname again. Meanwhile, Kaname is starting to get the feeling she's being watched by someone, and it might not be just Mithril's mysterious spy.

Book Five, originally released April 2001. Adapted into the second half of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid.

Book Six, originally released March 2003. It hasn't been animated, but there's an audio drama adaptation.

Book Seven, originally released October 2004. Adapted into episodes 1-4 of Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory.

Book Eight, originally released January 2006.

Book Nine, originally released March 2007.

Book Ten, originally relased February 2008. Has not been animated.

Book Eleven, Originally released July 2010. Has not been animated.

Book Twelve, originally released August 2010. Has not been animated.

Side Stories

Despite not having a canon order, because of events in the main story, it can be assumed that any side story where Sousuke and Kaname are attenting Jindai HS takes place between April 20th 1998 to sometime in January 1999. If you combine anime/novel canons, any of the stories here adapted in Fumoffu!? or the first season would take place between August and September 1998 (2001 if you're going by anime time)! Several of them have been adapted in the manga, but not the anime. These have not been officially translated into English, although you can find some fan translations online.

Side Story Book One, originally published December 1998

  • Minami Kara Kita Otoko (Man from the South, Fumoffu!? episode 1a) - Sousuke receives a love letter in his shoe locker, which he mistakes for a threat from a terrorist. Kaname doesn't buy it, but of course she's not concerned about Sousuke getting a love letter (yes she is).
  • Aizou no Propaganda (Love & Hate Propaganda, season one episode 8a)
  • Koutetsu no Summer Illusion (Summer Illustion of Steel, Fumoffu!? episode 3) - the "beach episode!" After a few too many screw ups from Sousuke, Kaname leaves her friends on the beach and ends up a guest at the mansion of a sickly young rich boy. Sousuke, thinking she's been kidnapped, rushes in to rescue her.
  • Koibito wa Specialist (My Lover is a Specialist, season one episode 8b)
  • Geijutsu no Hamburger Hill (Hamburger Hill of Art, Fumoffu!? episode 4a) - Jindai's eccentric art teacher Mr. Mizuhoshi assigns class 2-4 to draw a classmate in nature... and decides Sousuke is the perfect model. Sousuke takes the assignment a little too seriously, assuming he's supposed to blend in with nature and avoid capture by his classmates. The other students of class 2-4 charge in to try to catch him so they can finish their assignment, despite all the traps he's set for them.
  • Cinderella Panic!

Side Story Book Two, originally published May 1999.

  • Dakyou Muyou no Hostage (A Hostage Without Compromise, Fumoffu!? episode 1b) - the punks that accosted Kaname in "Man from the South" turn out to be from the local Akutsuku gang. They kidnap Kaname in order to lure Sousuke to their hideout for payback. Unfortunately for them, Sousuke is always way more prepared for situations like these than anyone rightfully needs to be.
  • Karamawari no Lunchtime (Fruitless Lunchtime, Fumoffu!? episode 2b) - Sousuke accidentally leaves Kaname's notes for an important test at home. The test is after lunch and she needs those notes, so they end up on a whirlwind trip to the apartment and back to school, desperately trying to make it to class in time for the test.
  • Bachi Atari no Lethal Weapon (Cursed Lethal Weapon)
  • Yarisugi no War Cry (War Cry of Excessiveness, Fumoffu!? episode 7) - Kaname and Sousuke are tasked with getting Jindai's rugby team to shape up by Hayashimizu-sempai. Sousuke drags the team through a hellish boot camp straight out of a war movie.
  • Ichizu no Stake Out (Single-minded Stake Out, Fumoffu!? episode 4b) - Kaname goes on a date with an ex-boyfriend to the local amusement park. Sousuke and Kyouko follow her to make sure she's not in any danger. When Kaname and her date are accosted by rude yakuza, Sousuke comes to the rescue... undercover in a Bonta-kun mascot suit.
  • Captain Amigo to Ougon no Hibi

Side Story Book Three, originally published October 1999.

  • Surechigai no Hostility (Passing Hostility, Fumoffu!? episode 2a) - after Sousuke causes an incident at the lunchtime bread stand, he and Kaname have to stock and sell the bread for the students, with help from Mizuki, Ren, and Kyouko. A gym teacher with a vendetta against Sousuke attempts to sabotage the bread, only to fail miserably and comedically due to Sousuke's precautions.
  • Daimeiwaku no Suicide (Royal Pain Suicide)
  • Oshiuri no Fetish (Hard-sell Fetish, Fumoffu!? episode 5a) - a nighttime stalker in a horse mask has been catching local high school girls and... styling their hair into ponytails? Still a pretty big violation of bodily autonomy. Kaname is forced to help local police officer Wakana in catching the perpetrator with Sousuke as backup in the Bonta-kun suit.
  • Yuuben na Portrait (Portrait of Eloquence)
  • Kurayami no Patient (Patient of Darkness, Fumoffu!? episode 5b) - Kaname tries to scare Sousuke by taking him through a haunted hospital. It backfires horribly.
  • Neko to Koneko no R & R (Cat and Kitten's R & R, season one episode 15) - Mao and Tessa get in a fight; Tessa challenges Mao to an AS battle. The loser must run a lap around the base totally naked. Mao is confident in her piloting skills while Tessa decides to train under Sousuke on a suspiciously romantic sandy beach.

Originally published June 2000

  • Iso no Kaori no Cook Robin
  • Tsuioku no Innocent (First Half) (Innocent Recollection)
  • Tsuioku no Innocent (Second Half) (Innocent Recollection)
  • Otona no Sneaking Mission (Adult Sneaking Mission)
  • Engage, Six, Seven (season one, episode 19: part of a flashback)

Originally published October 2001.

  • Jun de Fujun na Grappler (The Pure and Impure Grappler, Fumoffu!? episode 6a)
  • Zen'i no Trespass (Tresspassing with Good Intentions, Fumoffu!? episode 6b)
  • Jingi Naki Fancy (Fancy Without Honor, Fumoffu!? episode 10)
  • Houkago no Peacekeeper (After School Peacekeeper)
  • Maigo no Old Dog (Lost Old Dog)
  • Wari to Hima na Sentaichou na Ichi Nichi (The Comparitively Leisurely Day of the Captain, The Second Raid's OAV) - Tessa wakes up half-dressed on the Danaan and after a run in with Sousuke, realizes she's lost her favorite stuffed animal. She tries to find it by retracing her steps around the base, worrying she might have upset Sousuke or one of the other crew members during her drunken sleep-walking episode.

Originally published June 2002.

  • Mamanaranai nai Blue Bird (Wayward Bluebird, Fumoffu!? episode 10) - Jindai is about to have ONE free club room open up due to the sociology club disbanding. The club members have set up a challenge to see who gets it: whichever other club gets the most members of the opposite sex to show up at the park is the winner. It's an excercise in flirting strategies! Kaname follows up to keep track, Sousuke represents the photography club and hilariously takes "girl hunting" as a literal term. (It's okay, it's catch and release.)
  • Mato Hazure no Emotion (Irrelevant Emotion) A Translation!
  • Machigai Darake no Sentence (Mistaken Lazy Sentence)
  • Jikan Gire no Romance (Out of Time Romance)
  • Go Jikan Me no Hot Spot (Fifth Period Hot Spot, episode twelve of Fumoffu) -
  • Megami no Rainichi (Junan Hen)(A Goddess Comes to Japan - Suffering Chapter, Fumoffu!? episode 8)

Originally Published July 2003.

  • Ana Darake no Conceal
  • Migatte na Blues (Selfish Blues)
  • Miira tori no Drunker
  • Giri Ninjo no Undercover
  • Mayonaka no Raiders (Midnight Raiders)
  • Rouhei tachi no Fuga (Old Soldier's Mercy)

Originally published April 2004.

  • Ontei wa Kanashiku, Shatei wa Tooku (First Half) (A Sad Tonal Range, A Faraway Firing Range First Half)
  • Ontei wa Kanashiku, Shatei wa Tooku (Second Half)(A Sad Tonal Range, A Faraway Firing Range Second Half)
  • Ed Sax Chuui-no Kiwamete Senmonteki na Tatakai (The Excessive Technical Battle of Ed Sax)
  • Megami no Rainichi (Onsen Hen)(A Goddess Comes to Japan Hot Springs Chapter; this was animated in Fumoffu first and Gatoh liked it so much he wrote his own version--it's episode nine) - during Tessa's visit to Japan, Mao and Kurz take Sousuke, Kaname, and a few of their classmates to a hot spring. Kurz, of course, has plans to peek into the girls' bath with Shinji and Ono-D alongside. Sousuke and Mao have planned for this.
  • Yoiko no Jikan ~Mao Neesan to Arm Slave ni Notte Miyou~ ( ~Let's Try to Pilot and Arm Slave with Big Sis Mao~)
  • Aru Sakusen Chokuzen no Hitomaku

Originally published July 2005.

  • Yakusoku no Virtual (First Half)(Virtual Promise First Half)
  • Yakusoku no Virtual (Second Half)(Virtual Promise Second Half)
  • Kagemusha no Showbiz (Body Double Showbiz)
  • Tairitsu no Festival (Antagonistic Festival)
  • Aizou no Festival (Love and Hate Festival)

Originally published July 2006.

  • Kyoukuhoku Kara no Koe (Voice from the North) - the story of Kalinin and Sousuke's first and second meeting.
  • Tuatha de Danaan no Tanjou (Birth of the Tuatha de Danaan)
  • Oougi no Comrade (Gluttonous Comrade) - Sousuke brings home a pet he rescued during his time as an unaffiliated mercenary and tries to get it acclimated to life in Tokyo. The pet is a full grown white tiger.
    Mister V presents, Side Arms 2

Originally publised August 2011 Featuring: