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"I'm not an amateur, I'm a specialist."

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Name & Aliases 相良 宗介 (Sagara Sousuke), Uruz 7, Kashim, Sousky Segal
Date of Birth/Age It's listed as July 7th on his falsified transfer papers. This is because his callsign is "Uruz 7," so it would be easy to remember; he is around 16 at the start of the series making his estimated year of birth 1982 in the novels, or 1984 in the anime
Blood Type A
Ethnicity Japanese
Height & Weight 174 cm/66kg - 5'8.5''/145.5 lbs
Hair & Eyes Novel: both black - Anime: brown hair, gray eyes - Shikidouji and other artists often stylize his hair as purple
Other notable physical traits Cross-shaped scar on left cheek; bears a striking resemblance to popular TV star, Kira Kousuke
Seiyuu/Voice Actor Seki Tomokazu [JP], Chris Patton [ENG]


Early Childhood:

Childhood - Early Teen Years:

Recent Years:

With Mithril:




Occupation, Skills, & Specialties

During the series, Sousuke attends Jindai High School as an undercover agent for the mercenary organization Mithril, in order to act as a bodyguard for Chidori Kaname. Within Mithril, Sousuke is a member of the SRT (Special Response Team), rank of Sergeant, call sign Uruz 7, ID number B-3128. At Jindai, he is student number 41 in class 2-4 and holds the made up positions of garbage clerk (assigned by Kaname) and "Head of School Security and Aide to the Student Council President" (assigned by Student Council President Hayashimizu, likely as a way to keep Sousuke productive and out of trouble).


Arm Slave: at the start of the series, Sousuke operates an M9E Gernsback like the rest of his unit in Mithril, but during Fighting Boy Meets Girl (the first eight episodes of the anime), his is given the ARX-7 Arbalest. This experimental AS has advanced AI (named AL) and the ability to use the Black Technology known as the lambda driver. Kaname posseses a deep understanding of the lambda driver and initially Sousuke cannot use it without her guidance. It was designed by a now deceased Whispered, Bani Morauta, who programmed AL to be able to learn to become as human-like as possible. After their first meeting, AL is synched with Sousuke's neural patterns and cannot be piloted by anyone else, although Arbalest is the only AS in Mithril's possession that can use the lambda driver.

As a child fighting alongside the Afghani guerilla soldiers, he comandeered and piloted a Soviet-made RK-91 Savage. During his time in Namsac he pilots the Crossbow, an AS of the same type refurbished by Nami, and seems to have a preference and great understanding of this model. (While he and Kaname are trying to escape Sunan, he temporarily pilots an RK-92 Savage until it is destroyed by Gauron).

After the Arbalest is destroyed in a fight against Leonard's Belial, AL is eventually placed in the new ARX-8 Laevatin and reunited with Sousuke, who operates Laevatin for the remainder of the series.

While not technically an AS, Sousuke converts a Bonta-kun mascot suit to serve a similar purpose in Fumoffu/the side stories. It has similar equipment to an AS with the bonus of being able to go undercover as a mascot suit. Sousuke attempted to sell the design but it was wildly unpopular, although a certain police department in Florida bought them to outfit their officers with, and they were used by the Mikihara family as well. The voice modulator on Sousuke's unit does not function properly, so the external speaker translates whatever he's saying as Bonta-kun's speech comprised of different combinations of "fu mo fu." Sousuke's suit also has a scar on the left cheek that matches his own.

Firearms: Sousuke carries numerous firearms, other weapons, and supplies at any given time, but his favored gun seems to be a Glock, which is a very reliable, easy to use handgun. In the novel, it's noted by be a 19 but at times in the anime it appears as a 26 (a slightly newer model). Unlike many of his other weapons, it appears this one has never been confiscated by Kagurazaka-sensei, likely because he keeps it in his waistband or a shoulder holster under his uniform.

Role & Relationships

Family: the composition of Sousuke's biological family is unknown. As a small child, he was rescued from a plane crash by Kalinin and it is assumed the woman with him was his mother; Kalinin mentions they bore a striking resemblance, and Sousuke refers to her as his mother. Sousuke does not mention his father to Kalinin at all, nor any other siblings or family members. Although the name "Sagara Sousuke" was written on his clothes, it was spelled in hiragana, making it difficult to search for family based on his surname. In the alternate universe shown to Kaname by Sofia, his surname is spelled with a different character, which could be the proper spelling of his surname or just an indication that Kaname is viewing a world different to her own. Sousuke's family is not shown in this vision, but he has lived a normal civilian life, growning up in Chofu like Kaname.

Andrei Kalinin: Sousuke was rescued from a plane crash by Kalinin as a small child. Kalinin cared for him until he was handed off to Soviet officials, supposedly to go to an orphanage. During their time together, they became somewhat close, with Sousuke referring to Kalinin as "Uncle An." They met again later on the battlefield as enemies (Sousuke fighting alongside Afghani guerillas trying to defend their homeland, Kalining fighting with the Soviet Russians trying to take it over), after Kalinin discovered Sousuke had been trained to be a child assassin by the KGB instead of sent to an orphanage. Kalinin failed to convince Sousuke to return to living a normal life and instead defected from the USSR and joined the guerilla soldiers fighting against Russian occupation. The two were separated sometime shortly after, reuniting when Sousuke joined Mithril. Kalinin serves as a mentor and somewhat of a distant father figure to Sousuke. He sent Sousuke on the mission to protect Chidori Kaname with the hopes that exposure to a normal, peaceful life might entice Sousuke away from the battlefield in an attempt to protect him initially.
Sousuke views Kalinin with a sense of admiration for his skills, telling Tessa that Kalinin is "extremely hard to kill" to comfort her at the beginning of Running One Night Stand. Prior to Continuing On My Own and Invisible Victory, the only point of contention between them is Kalinin's awful borscht, which Sousuke has eaten in the past and desperately avoids in the present (as one should).

Kurz Weber: Kurz is Sousuke's teammate, sharing the Sergeant rank. They were recruited by Mao at the same time as the result of a mission the group was forced to go on together. Despite their drastic differences in personality, Sousuke often drinks (juice) at Mithril's base with Kurz. While Sousuke doesn't understand Kurz's lax nature off the battlefield, he does trust Kurz's sniper skills in a pinch.

Melissa Mao:

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Chidori Kaname